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"Strong Roots, Grow Strong Trees." 

Cut Peaches

fROOT Kaves in Dallas, Texas is a vegan family that loves to teach and promote healthy living. The CEO child entrepreneurs had a breakout idea that dad could not let go unheard. They took the idea and came up with the name fROOT KAVES. "ROOT came from our Uncle Joel (plat) he always told us “strong roots, grow strong trees". We knew this was big so that’s how we spelled fROOT. Kaves came from the CEO’s watching TV, the characters were stuck in a KAVE and they felt the world was stuckin an unhealthy kave. fROOT KAVES was chosen to encourage the world to come out of the Kave. Our phBalanced fresh fROOT  Kups and PH Balanced lemonades will bring you out.  

Get the FROOT experience

We provide the best organic froot kup in the world. We offer organic hand cut froot soaked in our ph balanced lemonade. We offer ph balanced lemonade alone as well. We offer a detox lemonade with natural herbs and activated charcoal. 

FUN FR       T

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"I’ve tried Froot Kaves a few times and each time, the lemonade is always very delicious. It is something that I can drink anytime and know that I’m taking in a fresh and healthy drink. The detox was excellent. It was not too aggressive on my body, like other detoxes and it tastes great." 

Tiffany Paul 


"When I first received a sample of the detox drink it was amazing. My taste buds went haywire and my body felt electrifying. I can’t remember all of the ingredients in the drink but I could taste the many different wonderful flavors. I remember going to the restroom, had a bowel movement and literally felt like everything left my body completely. I felt empty as the detox broke down all of whatever was inside of me. I had more energy, my face and skin felt younger inside and out, like all these toxins were inside and now they are released. My stools were the same color as the drink. I would pour me up a cup in the morning, mid day, and at night before going to bed. I ran out of the gallon that I had and couldn’t wait to get my hand on another batch. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family. Sharing my story with all I come in contact with. Thank you Marquise for what you have brought to the community. Very respectful, warm smiles, and love. Your energy is powerful God. Keep being great in all you do. Frootkave is the truth!" 

Harris Jr. 

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